Award-winning expertise. Technical excellence. Maximum creativity. That’s Gamut Productions, Victoria’s foremost full-service production and post-production facility for broadcast quality high-definition, and 4K video + film.

Gamuts’ outstanding crews, superior equipment and top-of the-line creative ensure that what you see on screen meets — and exceeds — what you always imagined.

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Maximum creativity to exceed what you always imagined

Who are we?

David Malysheff

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David Malysheff is the principal of Gamut Productions. He has more than 27 years extensive television production experience in film and broadcast video formats, and now specializing in High Definition TV.

As one of the most requested camera operators in Canada, David brings award winning skills and an outstanding depth of experience and creativity to all projects. He has shot for national and international networks and for hundreds of commercial, corporate and television producers in locations around the globe.

Malysheff’s skill as a camera operator often calls on him to perform in extreme circumstances. He’s spent literally hundreds of hours in helicopters, and has delivered quality Videography under nearly impossible time constraints to the highest standards- from Zodiacs in rapids, from horseback, from Africa to Alaska.

As well as working as a Director of Photography, Malysheff also possesses the added asset of being an experienced Producer/Director. As well, the experience David brings to the field crosses over all aspects of production. As a producer, director, audio technician, and editor David oversees all of Gamut’s projects to assure that they reach and exceed a high level of professional expectations.

At Gamut Productions, David applies his own professional high standards to his crews. This dedication to quality and innovation has built Gamut’s reputation as one of Canada’s foremost full-service production and post-production facilities.

Dakota Morton

DakotaDakota Morton is the post-production supervisor, and lead editor of Gamut Productions.

Dakota got his start in television at the young age of 17, with an internship at
the television channel Razer/MTV Canada (CHUM). Upon graduation and after completion of his internship, Dakota moved to Vancouver to be hired on as an online-editor of ‘969’, airing on Razer/MTV Canada. Fast forward 11 years,  Dakota has worked and edited on many short films, documentaries, reality television Projects. As well as a lengthy list of corporate videos.

Dakota possesses the passion to tell a story – like a true editor, but also has the technical knowledge and ability to manage projects at Gamut all the way through the production pipe-line.

When not in suite, Dakota can be found assisting David Malysheff on shoots including, but not limited to; UAV (drone) work, and B-Cam operation.

During his last 3 years with Gamut Productions, Dakota has worked for The Royal Canadian Navy, The Irish Rovers, Beach Fire Entertainment, Canadian College of the Performing Arts, Viking Air, Redbird Communications, Telus/StoryHive – To name a few.

a glimpse of our recent work

Gamut Productions – Demo Reel [2017]

Gamut Productions – Demo Reel [2017]

The Royal Canadian Navy – Maritime Tactical Operations Group

The Royal Canadian Navy – Maritime Tactical Operations Group

The Royal Canadian Navy

The Royal Canadian Navy

Wa AH Wiss

Wa AH Wiss


Production Services



At Gamut Productions, we’ll work to your specifications, whether you need crew or equipment or both, we’ll provide it for you.

New to production, but have a great idea? We can help develop your project, from concept to script to finished production. We have at our disposal, writers, researchers, location managers, and all key personnel, ready to take on your project. We also have some great connections to broadcasters and distributors to make sure your project is seen.

Teamwork is our focus. You can be sure you’ll get top-notch creative, crew, production equipment, editing equipment, duplication and distribution at Gamut.


Gamut Productions puts the resources you need at your fingertips, so you can get on with the job of production. Gamut offers comprehensive pre-production services for any scale of production. We can take your idea, develop it, write it, scout it, cast it, shoot it, post it, duplicate it and deliver it. We boast the most experienced production personnel and professional Broadcast Quality High Definition video and film production equipment.

Gamut serves the Island, Lower Mainland and points beyond from its offices in Victoria, British Columbia, noted for the best year-round climate in Canada. Take advantage of what the West Coast has to offer, and let our local knowledge and experience make your shoot run smoothly.

We also go further to meet your needs. Our crews are ready and able to travel to any destination in the world. Any location, any people, any services you want — Gamut delivers.


Gamut Productions is pleased to announce that we have just added the latest Canon C-300 MarkII (internal 4K) to our arsenal. This complements our existing HD cameras which includes the Panasonic HDX-900, the HPX-500 and the HVX170.  We have a well equipped Canon 5D Mark III with various lenses, hand-held rig, matte box, and Atomos Shogun 4K recorder.

We also have multiple GoPro Hero 3 & 4 units, for those speciality insert shots, and a Glidecam 4000 Pro Smooth Shooter. If you don’t see a camera on our list that you like, we can put our hands on any model you desire.

We have a full production package to complement all the cameras, including wireless, shotgun and lavaliere microphones, mixer, extensive lighting kits (Kino Flo’s and Dedo Kit), and all the support equipment you would expect from a full-service production company.


Gamut Productions offers world-class editing services on three complete systems. We are pleased to offer complete post-production services & pipelines in all of today’s leading non-linear editing systems. Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Da Vinci Resolve & Final Cut Pro X/7 are tools we have used, and continue to use.

Gamut Productions main editing seats are running current versions of Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X/7-(not current), Da Vinci Resolve, and Adobe After Effects. Our main seat has a Kona 3 card with a Panasonic AJ-HD1400 digital deck, among other tape based capturing devices.

We also utilize a 27″ Panasonic BT-LH1700 for colour-accurate, colour grading sessions – later for deliveries to broadcast or film.

We can deliver any format including HDTV (Broadcast), Cinema, BluRay, DVD, web specification’s, and more. We still maintain analogue machines including a Betacam BVW75, Mini DV, DvCam VHS, DVD and 3/4”SP.

Portable Editing

Gamut travels with (2) Retina MacBook Pro’s for data-wrangling, DIT work, dailies and more. These systems offer all the features of our main Edit Suite, with the option of going portable. This means we can attend a media event, and then cut your project on the spot for air or delivery later in the day.


For productions of any size or scope, Gamut can assemble a team of professionals to ensure the success of your shoot. Our crews possess a wide range of skills and experience, plus dedication and willingness to push beyond the limits to achieve outstanding results for our clients.

Gamut’s team has worked on feature films, short films, commercials, documentaries, BTS’s (Behind the Scenes) and news coverage.

We can provide experienced professionals at any level, including:
• Producer
• Director
• Director of Photography
• Camera Operator/Videographer
• Camera Assistants
• Assistant Director
• Production Manager
• Location Manager
• Location Scout
• Production Coordinator
• Sound Recordist
• Gaffer
• Grip
• Editor
• Production Assistant
Whatever your needs, call Gamut first for the best results.

Other Services

Equipment Rental
Aerial Videography
Location Services
Stock Footage Library

Equipment Rental

Gamut Productions owns an extensive array of Broadcast Television/Film & Beyond (4K) video, audio, and lighting equipment. We also offer other support equipment such as a drone, matte boxes, camera filters, dollies and grip packages, double ender kits and more. And if we don’t own it, we can get if for you with one phone call.

We carry an extensive insurance package, including liability.

Production Equipment
•     Canon Cinema EOS C300 Mark II (with hand-held rig (Shape), matte box and various filters)
•     Atomos Shogun (RAW capable) 4K recorder

•     Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR

•     Panasonic Lumix GH4 DSLR

•     Various Canon L-Series lenses covering a wide range of focal lengths
•     Panasonic HDX-900p High-Definition camera (recording digitally to Firestore or Atomos Shogun)

•     Panasonic HPX-500 High-Definition camera (P2HD)

•     Panasonic HPX-170p High-Definition camera
•     Panasonic HVX-200 High-Definition camera
•     GoPro Package (Multiple Hero 3 & Hero 4 Units)
•     DJI Inspire-1 Version 2 Drone w/Zenmuse X3 camera system & gimbal

•     Matte Boxes and various filters

•     Century Wide Angle lens adaptor

•     4-foot Konova Slider/Dolly
•     Glidecam 4000 Pro Smooth Shooter (Steadicam)
•     360-degree remote controlled tripod head
•     Panasonic 9” LCD HD Monitor
•     Sony PVM 8020 Monitor

•     Video Transmitter

•     Excel Battery Belt

•     Sekonic Light Meter

•     Sachtler Video 20

•     Cartoni C-25S 150 mm ball Tripod

•     Vinten Tripod
•     Miller Tripod
•     PSC Mark 11 stereo audio mixer

•     2 Lectrosonics Wireless mics

•     Sennheiser MKH-60 Shotgun microphone

•     2 Sennheiser ME 80 shotgun mics

•     Neuman KMR 80i shotgun mic

•     Sony Lavaliere mics

•     VdB Carbon fibred boom-pole

•     3 Tungsten Lighting kits (2 Chimeras) full details on request
•     2 KinoFlo’s (4’ 2 bank and 2’ 4 bank)

•     DedoLight 4-light kit
•     ARRI base-production lighting kit

•     Lite Panels LED light w/Anton Bauer Plate

•     Mini Teleprompter

•     Interro-Tron (video-fed, mirrored matte box & filter for “down-the-barrel” interview set-up’s)
•     6 x 6 Frame with various inserts including silk, black, net and green screen.

•     Double-ender Kit

•     Doorway Dolly with PVC track

•     Grip Kit (nets, flags, cutters, C-Stands) Other Grip equipment on request
•     Daylight (HMI packages on request)

•     (2) 15″ Retina MacBook Pro portable Data Wrangling & Editing Package (SATA Tower, Thunderbolt 2 Connectivity)
Please call for more information including pricing.

Aerial Videography

Gamut Productions is also pleased to offer aerial videography using the DJI Inspire-1 Version 2 Drone. We also own a wide array of Time-lapse equipment.

Location Services

Gamut Productions is based in Victoria, British Columbia. This ideal setting, close to Vancouver and Seattle, puts us in the midst of Canada’s most temperate year-round climate for filming. As an additional bonus, we’re within easy range of an outstanding diversity of urban and rural locations.

Whether you require a location scout, a shooter, gear for the day, or an entire production, our team will work with you to produce the outstanding results you want.

On Canada’s West Coast
If you’re planning a shoot on the West Coast of Canada, hiring your DP/Camera Operator and crew here will save you money and prevent the roadblocks common to shooting on location.

Gamut Productions has been shooting on the West Coast for 27 years. Our experience, local knowledge and contacts will make your shoot go smoother and faster.

Around the World
Gamut’s location work has taken us to England, Africa (Senegal, Mali and Tanzania), Japan, Finland, Cuba, The Philippines, India, India, Australia, Hong Kong, The Bahamas, Russia, California, New York, Louisiana, Texas, Hawaii, Alaska and numerous locations throughout Canada.

Our proven, well-travelled crew quickly and expertly adapts to the challenges of diverse environments to produce quality results. When you want a team you can trust on any location, anywhere in the world, you want Gamut Productions.

Stock Footage Library

Gamut Productions is pleased to offer Vancouver Island’s most complete stock footage and archival library.  We have high quality standard definition Betacam footage of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest, dating back to 1986.

Of course more recently we have begun building a stock footage library in High Definition & 4K video.

Please contact us for information and how to access the libraries.

The people who have trusted us so far

Jim Pattison Group
“We can’t thank you enough for your work on “Croon” [Movie of the Week on HDTV] as Camera Operator. As always you worked with diligence, excellence, patience and great good humour. Your skilful and tireless camera work has helped bring this story to life…couldn’t have done it without you…”
Hilary Jones-Farrow Producer/Director; The May Street Group

“That was one heck of a fine job you did covering the Legislative news. Everyone wanted the footage, including CNN.”
George Froehlich CKVU News

“Thank you again for being an ace shooter. “
Sherry Antonishen Lost Dog Production

“Thank you again for your enthusiasm, initiative and creative talent. It was good to do business with a professional.”
Cam Cathcart Behind the Wheel Productions

“It was a pleasure to work with the footage you gave us. Thank you once again for all your help. I hope you enjoy the show [“The Concubine and the Pig”] and I look forward to working you again…”
Mike Maslenki Producer, CBC

“I have just finished an email singing your praise. They love you, Dave. Your beauty shots, the Ferry, interview clips…everything! Way to go… You’ve made me look very good…”
Gord Carson Planet Pictures
“I just wanted to reiterate how grateful I am for your sterling work…and also for your super human effort throughout this week. I’m honoured to say I’ve worked with you, and without you, I couldn’t have done it.”
Les Harris Producer/Director, Canamedia Productions

“Not only was the location footage you shot exceptional, your knowledge of the Island people and places opened many doors for A-Channel along the way. Your contribution to the A-Channel on the Island video has made a big difference.”
Dixie Baum Promotion Manager, A-Channel

“As an advertising agency, we hire Gamut for our corporate videos and TV commercials. Gamut offers talent, energy and skill that’s impossible to beat. Time and time again, our clients are thrilled with the results – and so are we.”
Kerry Slavens Creative Director, Artemis PR & Design

“…once again thank you for all your assistance in helping us promote this wonderful country in which we live.”
Anne Martin President, World Life Video Productions

“The management of [Save-On Foods] is very pleased with the results [commercials], and I personally want to thank you for a job well done. It really is a pleasure to work with such a talented, dedicated group of people.”
Scott Stone Advertising Production Manager, Jim Pattison Group

“Thanks again for your time, effort and patience. We’ll call on you again when we’re out west working on other projects.”
Brad Diamond 'Motoring' (TSN)

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